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Emulsifier——edible stabilizer
Release time :2016-07-22

    Industrial use of emulsifier in food industry has the effect of pipe fittings, emulsifier can be oil and water adsorption in the dough, reduces the tension of oil and water, can reduce the proportion of dough when making bread, increase the volume of bread.

    Emulsifier is a kind of stabilizer, its function has a lot of, emulsifier can be formed in disperse phase droplets condensation phenomenon, and each other to form a stable emulsion, the emulsifying agent in many industrial application, there are many products are on the biochemical rely on emulsifier condensed to form, to say the emulsifier has great effect, someone would have asked emulsifier what are the functions and features? The following will tell me the relevant knowledge of the emulsifier.

    Emulsifier in food industry application is more, in the food industry's main function is:Can be mutual combination of starch, can prevent aging, improve the product quality and structure. Combined with protein can enhance the resistance of the dough and toughness, elastic protein. Mutual combination of candy, can form a layer of protective film on the surface of the candy, can prevent the air and water make candy tide, can lower the viscosity of the candy, melted the candy will not easily. Can also improve the lubricity of protein and starch, reduce the tension of solid and liquid, the liquid can quickly spread to the surface, improve the lubrication effect. Also have the function of the stability of foam, gas dissolved colloid can be formed, to improve the quality of the product and porous.

    Industrial asphalt in the process of transportation will have on the foaming phenomenon, it is associated with the features of emulsifier, too many bubbles can affect the transportation and storage of asphalt, asphalt again add defoaming agent, this will reduce the bubble generation.

    Emulsifying agent to pay attention to when using the HLB value, difference value not too high, or you will reach the best effect. Emulsifier can dissolve in water, can add oil to the water under stirring.

    Which use in industry is an emulsifier has strong decontamination ability, it is a kind of surface is one of the more active substance, can dissolve in water, can be resolved with the oil and grease into tiny particles from the surface of the fabric have driven down. Blend in the water can remove oil and grease by dilute oil. 

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