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Emulsioni paint requirement for pigments
Release time :2016-07-22

    Emulsioni paint requirement for pigments is color, covering capacity, tinting strength, alkali resistance, light fastness, weather resistance, non-toxic pollution-free, the emulsioni paint of the pursuit of more environmentally friendly.

    Color: emulsioni paint of a main function is to give color to be coating appearance. The color of the coating is mainly composed of pigment. Color should conform to the user's requirements. Users to the requirements of the coating color is more demanding nature so the color of the paint is very important.

    Hiding power: paint covering power refers to a kind of object after coating paint, non-toxic pollution-free sex: paint should be non-toxic pollution-free now according to the state of interior decoration decorates material harmful material set limit to the provisions of the paint with latex paint use. Coating of paint can be coated cover the appearance of its ability to not show. Commonly used to cover 1 m2 area of the quality of paint required (g), unit of g/m2 pigment covering power is high, the less relative dosage in the paint, the paint, the better the comprehensive performance index of the balance. For pigment price is higher, the raw material price and achieve the same covering power of the actual amount of comprehensive, abilities reflect its real raw material capital.

    Tinting strength: pigment tinting strength is also called the tinting strength. Characterization of a kind of pigment and another kind of mixed pigment, the pigment showed the ability of its own color, usually in red paint as a benchmark to measure black pigment and black pigment tinting strength of white pigment. Because of the paint tinting strength is based on the standard test methods and specifications in comparison with the tinting strength of the prototype and so is represented with "%". Obviously requires pigment tinting strength, the higher the better.

    Light fastness and weather resistance, light fastness and weather resistance is measured pigment pigment used in outdoor is an important indicator of the applicability of the paint. Light fastness mainly refers to pigment resistance to uv damage. The light fastness of pigment is made according to specification method to coating, JingTianRan or artificial ultraviolet irradiation in determination of light fastness rating in grade 1 ~ 8, said a magnitude 8 best, grade 1 is the worst. External use emulsioni paint for pigments used for light fastness grade 7 above. Weather resistance is the ability to paint accept atmospheric corrosion. Outdoor paint pigments used to temporarily withstand sun, rain, and the erosion of harmful chemicals in the atmosphere, the molecular structure has some changes, cause fade, color is darker, and even lead to powder coating aging and cracking and damage. Pigment weatherability reference to external use emulsioni paint weathering experiment method. Weather resistance rating in grade 1 ~ 5, said level 5 for the best. External use emulsioni paint pigments used in the requirement of weatherability of 4.5 magnitude. 


Alkali resistance, alkali resistance paint refers to paint the alkaline chemical erosion resistance. At present in China, emulsioni paint is mainly used as architectural coatings, the base material of cement mortar and concrete, alkaline heavier. Although must finish sealing in construction specifications specified by alkali primer but is very important to the requirement of pigment alkali resistance have the practical significance of this as external wall emulsion paint rules on the alkali resistance of the technical requirements, and evaluation of alkali resistance includes the description of the coating color changing situation.

    Which contain soluble heavy metals (lead, chromium, cadmium) should not exceed bid. For the peace of human health and environmental protection, emulsioni paint of paint non-toxic pollution-free requirements will be more and more high, beneficial to human body health and environmentally friendly paint is designers need to consciously and serious problem. Development of non-toxic pollution-free paint should be an important direction of paint industry. 

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